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How do I create a patient?
1. In Reception Module->Patients Menu->Add (+).
2. Here, a pop-up window will appear with a Form on it, fill the form, then click save.
NB Name(Both), Date of Birth, Gender, Phone Number, Marital Status are required.

How do I bill a patient for investigations?
1. When creating the patient appointment from Appointment Menu, In the Appointment Details you can add services/investigations where each services/investigation comes with a price.
2. Total charges will be shown after selecting the options.
3. After clicking save, a new window will open and are provided with the option to print the NON-EFD receipt.

How do I send a patient to a doctor?
1. When creating appointment from Appointment Menu, there are two options namely Consultation and Non-consultation.
2. Check the Consultation option, select the Doctor Name and Click Save.

How do I print EFD receipt?
1. Reception Module->Appointment Menu->Pending EFDs, search by name or filter the dates, and click on the printer icon beside the one required.

My EFD receipt failed to print. How do I reprint this?
1. Reports Menu->EFD report, by default it shows the list of EFD receipt for that particular date.

How do I see how many EFD receipts have been printed in the last 7 days?
1. Reports Menu->EFD report, by default it shows the list of EFD receipt for that particular date.
2. Additionally, in the filter, you can select the Date Range (Last 7 days) and you will see all the receipts for this period.

How do I delete patient(s)?
1. You cannot Delete Patient, but you can change the tatus from Active to Inactive.
2. This is an HMS Security Feature.

How Can I see the patient from (Sent by) Doctor?
1. Reception Module->Appointment Menu->Sent by Doctors, here you will find all the patient(s) Sent by Doctor for Payment or Different Services.

How can I cancel the appointment?
1. Appointment Menu->Past Appointments, search by Patient Name or filter the date range.
2. Click on View this appointment (notes icon) beside the patient, whom the appointment is to be cancelled.
3. From there you can Cancel this appointment.

How to Skip Nursing?
There are two options;
1. From Admin Module; (1st page labelled as Company Settings, 2nd last row, right column) you can set Skip Nursing to YES, which will Skip Nursing for all Patient appointment.
2. From Reception Module (Appointments Menu); when creating patient appointment, you can check the Avoid Nursing Station checkbox under Consultation, whereby this will only apply for that particular ppointment.

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