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What to Do if the patient come only for the report?
1. While creating the Appointment of a particular patient on the Reception Module, there is an option of REPORT when consultation is checked
NB: Doing this will automatically skip Nurse Station

What to do if a patient comes to buy medicine only, no consultation?
This procedure follows two steps;
1. First in Reception Module->Patients Menu-> Appointments->Add Patient, OR Reception Module->Appointments Menu->Appointments- >Add Patient
a. At least fill in the required details on the form as this patient is not looking for full registration, then save.
b. The patient may head over to the pharmacy counter after registration.
2. Second in Pharmacy Module->Appointments Menu->Appointments- >Search
a. Search and filter the patient name, click on the patient folder (Add an Appointment).
b. Enter the product(s) name and quantity for each, then record the payment made and save.

How to automatically Send LPO to the Supplier (email)?
1. Create an LPO and save it
2. Then in the LPO list there is an envelope icon for each (LPO No.), when clicked on that icon it automatically sends (email) to the specified Supplier

How to know if doctor is available in today?
1. Since the HMS system cannot be integrated with Biometric system (to record the staff check-in and check-out time), then the system cannot tell if a doctor is available or not
NB: The receptionist should be very careful while assigning to a particular doctor

How to Verify the Patient Insurance Card?
1. The card verification is done automatically and is for NHIF only.

Can this HMS Be integrated with payroll software, Tally?
1. The HMS software can be integrated by Tally only (not payroll software).

If Doctor is not around can we assign Patient to Him/her?
1. Yes
2. Since the System DOESN’T tell if the doctor is present or not, so the Reception must be aware if the Doctor is available or not while making the appointment

What will happen if the patient didn’t take his/her EFD receipt?
1. The receipt will be kept for a few days and eventually be disposed.

What to do if the patient come from partners Doctors Only for Laboratory/Radiology Test and No Consultation?
1. While making a Patient appointment, there is an option on No Consultation.
2. The receptionist can select the service and save
3. By doing this, the Patient will skip Nurse Station and Doctor Consultation

Can the Doctor know if the Consultation Fee is Paid or Not?
1. The Patient Appointment cannot be saved unless payment has been made
2. This means, whenever the Patient step in to the Doctor’s room, then the payment was successfully

Can Doctor Edit the Patient Report Written by Another Doctor?
1. This depend on the Company Settings in the Admin Module, under Edit Allowed which have three options;
a. Same Doctor
b. Same Doctor and Admin
c. All Doctors and Admin
2. So, depending on the settings, the action will be performed accordingly.

How to update software?
1. Admin->Updates Menu, the system will check for any available update(s)
2. If there is any, it will provide an option to download the update(s) and then install them

When updating, is there any data loss/data change?
1. Updating the HMS means you’re looking to get to more advanced features, that involves more functionality and/or module are added to the software and NO changes affect the data
2. There is NO data loss after updating the software

How long The Medicine Will Be Blocked?
1. By default, its set as 30 minutes, but it can be altered.
2. Done in Admin Module->Pharmacy Block Medicines-Mins (1st page labelled as Company Settings, 11th row from the top, left column).

How to admit Patient?
The procedures are as follows;
1. In Reception Module->Appointments Menu->Appointments, create an appointment for a patient and send to doctor accordingly.
2. In Doctor Module->Patients Waiting List Menu, under Currently Waiting the doctor can Examine this patient, fill the report.
-> Check on Admit this patient at the bottom of the report after the lab and radiology results (if assigned) are back. Then click Save and Close
3. Back to Reception Module->Admit Menu, click on the patient folder to confirm his admission. The receptionist should also be aware of the availability of bed before assigning the patient.
4. n IPD Module->Assign Bed Menu->Allocate (+), a list of available beds is displayed here along with the ward types, then allocate the patient
-> Then in Observation Menu, fill in the required vitals, intake/output and save.
-> Bed Details Menu, the Action dropdown provides options like Discharge, Transfer etc
-> Additionally, the discharge details are found on Discharge Summary Menu

What to do if Doctor Recommends/give Medication which are not available in pharmacy?
1. In Pharmacy Module->Sent by Doctors, the prescribed medications will be displayed in the patient appointment folder
2. If a certain medication is not present at the time, you can click INACTIVE beside the product detail, give remarks and save

If Doctor send the Patient to Laboratory for Checkup can the Laboratory Admin/user know if that Particular service is Not Paid yet so, he/she can send the Patient to reception for Billing?
1. The Patient Appointment cannot be saved unless payment has been made at the reception.
2. This means, whenever the Patient step in to the Laboratory room, then the payment was successfully

How can I refund patient?
1. In Reception Module->Payments Menu->Search, filter the search with patient name or registration number.
2. Click on See Details to get the receipt number for each service, and the debit note is the one found next to the icons (See Details, Add Payments, Returns)
3. Click the Returns icon and type the Debit Note No. of the services to be refund, as the patient may have acquired various services over different periods of time.
4. Specify the Receipt No, check on the service below and save.
NB: Payment cancellation can be done on Reports Menu (same module), under Patient Hist, search by registration number, then in Past Receipts you may cancel a specific payment.

How many (max number) staff family member can get discount?
1. There is NO set limit on this.

What to do if the patient appointment cost goes beyond the company limit (for credit patient)?
1. In Reception Module->Appointments; if while making an appointment, the credit limit exceeds, then an Alert! will pop-up
2. Click the alert, save (Temp save). A message (in red) will appear to request the approval with the insurance company so as to override the limit. - (usually done by admin)
3. Then back on the appointment form, under the Credit Limit Approvals dropdown,select the authorization number that was approved for requesting credit limit increase
4. Continue with the appointment form, enter payment and save
NB: The appointment is Temporarily Saved and put on hold during the process.

How to give discount to the staff family members?
The following procedures are to be followed;
1. First creating a discount scheme.
2. In Accounts Module->Masters Menu->Discount Schemes->Add; here you can create a discount scheme, so give the scheme a name (e.g. STAFF FAMILY MEMBER DISCOUNT), amount (%), type (cash, credit or both) and save
-> This discharge amount will apply for everything like pharmacy, OPD, laboratory/radiology services etc
3. To allocate a specific amount, in Admin Module->Departments Menu-> Departments; choose a particular department (e.g. Pharmacy), edit the form and select a discount scheme (e.g. STAFF FAMILY MEMBER DISCOUNT) and input an amount (%)
4. Back to Reception Module, a patient’s details must have the discount scheme selected in order to get a discount in specified departments.

How can I see the patients after they complete the Visit?
This can be done through several ways as follows;
1. Reception Module->Appointments Menu->Past Appointments->Search
2. Reception Module->Reports Menu->Itemized/Summarized->Search
> 3. Doctor Module->Patients Past Diagnosis Menu
4. Radiology Module->Provisional List->Search->Status: Done

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