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I have some part time doctors. How do I give them commissions?
1. During registration of a particular Doctor (from Staffs Menu), you have to declare him/her if as a part time doctor.
2. At the bottom you can Add the Commission Amount (%) for that particular doctor.

How to send an SMS to a patient at the end of appointment?
1. In Admin Module->Contact->SMS, you can create a template for a particular SMS occasion.
2. The SMS can be sent and the time depends on the occasion.

How to Create Staff?
1. Admin module->Staffs, you will see a list of Staffs (if Any).
2. To add a new Staff, click Add (+), fill the form by defining role and the rest of the necessary details, and save.

How to Extend staff role?
1. Admin Module->Staffs Menu, you will see a list of Staffs (if Any).
2. To extend the Staff functionality under the name of that particular staff, click the user icon then give the appropriate right(s) to the staff and click Save.

How to Configure Logo?
1. Admin Module->Logo (1st page labelled as Company Settings, 3rd row from the top, left column).
2. Choose/Browse a desired Logo and save.

How to Configure Header File for receipt?
1. Admin Module->Header (1st page labelled as Company Settings, 3rd row from the top, right column)
2. Choose/Browse the desired Header and save.
NB: The Header dimension should be 800*150

I want to Print A5 receipt. How do I set this?
1. In Admin Module->Print Size (1st page labelled as Company Settings, 9th row from the top, left column)
2. There are two options for the print size; A4 and A5
3. By checking on the A5 print size, all the receipt will be printed in A5 Size and the same applies by checking A4.

How to set Maximum and Minimum Reorder Level of product?
There are two options;
1. Pharmacy Module->Masters Menu->Products. When creating/editing a Product, you can specify the Maximum and Minimum ROL (options are found at the bottom of the form) of the particular product in multiple locations i.e., Store, Pharmacy, Laboratory etc.
2. Admin Module->Min ROL % and Max ROL % (1st page labelled as Company Settings, 10th row from the top, left and right columns). Fill in the desired ROL percentage (%), although by default it would both set to 50%

How to Reset Staff Password?
1. Admin Module->Staffs Menu, select the edit (pencil icon) on the staff name.
2. From the edit page/form you can reset the password to its default or however, per one’s choice.

How to Set Price for Doctor Consultation?
1. Admin Module->Departmental Services Menu->Add (+)
2. Under Department Name dropdown, select OPD.
3. Create a Service E.g. Consultation, then give it a price for cash, credit and for companies

How to Skip Nursing?
There are two options;
1. From Admin Module; (1st page labelled as Company Settings, 2nd last row, right column) you can set Skip Nursing to YES, which will Skip Nursing for all Patient appointment
2. From Reception Module (Appointments Menu); when creating patient appointment, you can check the Avoid Nursing Station checkbox under Consultation, whereby this will only apply for that particular Appointment

How to transfer patient from one Doctor to another?
1. Admin Module->Transfer Patient, here you will see the Patient List and can select the name of the Doctor, you want the patient to be transferred to
2. When selecting the Doctor Name, you will be asked to Confirm the Transfer.
3. Once confirmed, the patient will be transferred to the Doctor specified.

How to Create Department?
1. Admin Module->Departments Menu->Departments, a list of available Department (If any) is found here
2. Click Add (+), fill the form and save.

How to Create Department service?
1. Admin Module->Departments Menu->Departmental Services->Add.
2. Click Add (+), fill the form by providing all the service details and save.

How to Create Department Service Prices?
1. Admin Module->Departments Menu->Dept Service Prices->Search
2. On the search filter, select Department in the dropdown list and Type (Cash or/and Credit). Then the list of service under particular Department will show up along with its price. (The prices can be altered)
3. If there is an Insurance Company registered, it will be shown along with their respective prices for that services. The prices can be updated.
NB: This is AutoSave, NO save Button

Is It Possible to customize the Footer Message in the EFD Receipt?
1. YES!
2. In Admin Module; under the Company Settings->Receipt Footer
3. Here you can write the Footer Message which will appear on ALL receipts

How to Configure the Email Settings?
1. In Admin Module; under the Company Settings->Email Settings
2. Here provide the Name for Mail Server, Port number, Sender Name, Company Email, Email Password and True or False to Authentication.r
NB: If you are using email from your own domain, then this Settings Value can be obtained as follow;
a. Login to your webmail account
b. Then under the Mail Client Manual Settings you will find this Setting’s Username, Password, Incoming server, Outgoing Server
Contact your Web Administrator for more clarification

How to Configure the SMS Settings?
1. If you are interested with this feature, please contact us

Is it possible to Delete Staff?
1. Yes
2. In Admin Module->Staffs, under a Name of a particular staff, click the ‘X’ icon and confirm.

Can Doctor Edit the Patient Report Written by Another Doctor?
1. This depend on the Company Settings in the Admin Module, under Edit Allowed which have three options;
a. Same Doctor
b. Same Doctor and Admin
c.All Doctors and Admin
2. So, depending on the settings, the action will be performed accordingly

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